Top 3 Healthy Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

There are many healthy foods to eat to lose weight. I find the best foods to lose weight have these 3 qualities:

  1. They are Low In Calories
  2. They Taste Good
  3. They Suppress Hunger Cravings

This list of my top 3 healthy foods to lose weight will not only make you lose the fat, but you will be able to enjoy eating more than ever!

Number 1: Chicken Breast

So why chicken breast? Isn’t is sort of… bland? The answer is no! In fact, there are so many delicious recipes that use chicken breast out there, that you will never get tired of eating this lean, high protein source of food. You can make anything from Asian sesame chicken to a chicken Parmesan pasta. No matter which delicious recipe you choose for the day, the key is to keep the calories low so that you will lose weight. So whether you choose to do this by portion control or by cutting out some of the extra ingredients is up to you. The bottom line is, chicken breast is probably one of the best healthy foods you can eat because it is a very lean source of protein and you can make literally thousands of different recipes with it to avoid having to eat the same thing every day.

Number 2: Salsa

This is one of my favorite snacks because salsa has many positive ingredients that make it a healthy food. For starters, salsa contains a lot of tomatoes which means that it has a high amount of Vitamin C and riboflavin. This alone makes salsa a very nutritious choice. Salsa is also flavored with herbs and spices instead of high amounts of salt or sodium. Too much salt can pose some serious health risks for those with high blood pressure so it is always good to cut it out when you can. Salsa allows you to choose exactly how much salt you want to go with it whether it be from tortilla chips or a Mexican dish. There are a countless amounts of recipes that can use salsa!

Number 3: Cottage Cheese

There are many people are turned off my the idea of eating cottage cheese. I was like this too at one point. However, there is just so many benefits to cottage cheese that I had to make it work no matter what!

First of all, cottage cheese is a very inexpensive source of protein when compared to other sources of protein at the supermarket. In addition, cottage cheese contains casein protein which is anti-catabolic by nature. This means that is takes longer to digest which is a huge plus because it keeps you full for a much longer period of time than most foods.

Cottage cheese is also low in calories which makes it the perfect food for weight loss.

So how do you make cottage cheese enjoyable to eat? There are two things you can do with cottage cheese: you can make it sweet (like a dessert) or like real food. There are many recipes out there or you can just get creative and experiment on your own. For example, I made jello and mixed it in a blender with a cup off cottage cheese and chilled it for about 30 minutes. It was delicious! You can also take the simple route and mix the cottage into a fruit bowl or just mix in a packet of Splenda and some powdered cinnamon.



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