The Best Weight Loss Programs For Women and Men – Top Programs Reviewed

The overall consensus of the top training coaches and nutritionists in the world is the best weight loss programs for men are also the best for women and vice versa. Sure, there are weight loss programs which are obviously targeted towards women. That is simply because there are more women searching for ways to lose weight. Of course companies are going to put out weight loss programs for women since they occupy a larger percentage of the target market. This means more sales for them! The truth is that when it comes to diet and exercise the same principles apply to both men and women.

As someone who likes to back up claims by looking to scientific journals for the truth, let me tell you, almost every weight loss program for women out there uses unscientific, unverified, inaccurate and potentially harmful advice. Most of these weight loss programs are designed to make you lose weight initially, but the weight is ALWAYS gained back at some point or another.  They are also far too hard to follow and make you eat things that are not enjoyable at all.  That is why I have decided to finally release this list of the best fat loss programs. They are the best because they tell the truth and use science instead of gimmicks to back up their claims!

So just what are these programs I have found and how do you get them? I will list the 3 best weight loss programs out there. Both them sort of tie into each other so for this reason, I highly recommend getting them both and they each will guarantee you the results you are looking for long term.

Warning: If you are not serious about losing fat and are looking for a ‘magic pill’ instead, then this list is not for you.

3 Best Weight Loss Programs

#1 Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Review

I have read this one cover to cover and swear by it. It covers all of the bases. This guy knows his stuff and you will quickly understand once you start reading this program. It is definitely a great start for anyone looking to lose fat and it contains very valuable information.

First and foremost, Burn The Fat is already worth buying just for this one reason: the introduction focuses on changing your ENTIRE mindset when it comes to weight loss. This is a critical aspect of losing fat because you need to have the right mindset in order to have long term success. Tom Venuto will guide you one step at a time to set goals and motivate yourself to stay on the diet and workout program. This program focuses on a lifestyle change as opposed to short-term dieting. This is a much appreciated approach since the majority of diets are only short-term plans.

He is spot on when he talks about what you need to be eating and how much of it. Not only will you know exactly what to do in order to lose weight after reading his book, but you will be more informed about how to lose weight than 99% of the population.

However, one thing I didn’t like was his statement about meal frequency and ‘starvation mode’. In this guide, his opinions in these two areas are a bit ‘outdated’ since there has been scientific proof that increased meal frequency does not increase your metabolism (which ties in to the whole starvation mode thing). Following this diet, you can simply tweak the statements on meal frequency since science says otherwise and Tom Venuto himself has since redacted these claims.

That aside, this book has it all. It is probably one of the best books ever written about losing fat and has guided many men and women through their first major fat loss phase.

Click Here to Get Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat

#2 Eat Stop Eat – The New Expanded Version by Brad Pilon

Are you tired of all of the diets that leave you feeling hungry all the time? This book talks about an entirely different approach to dieting that not only allows you to burn the fat, but also avoid getting those cravings that make you want to pig out!

Eat Stop Eat is based around the ‘intermittent fasting’ style of diet that is beginning to catch on very quickly in the weight loss industry. Brad Pilon really gets to the heart of the problem when it comes to people not being able to lose weight in this book.  It has a lot of good information about meal timing and hitting your macro nutrients in order to lose fat fast.

Note: Even if you are hesitant to try anything out of the ordinary when it comes to meal timing,  this book is still extremely valuable when it comes to losing fat. This is because hitting the daily nutrition recommendations in this book are FAR more important than the timing of your meals. This does not mean that meal timing is irrelevant. In fact, meal timing is extremely relevant. It just that timing of your meals has MUCH LESS of an influence on your weight loss results than hitting your macro nutrients for the day.

Another strong point in this book is his chapter on workout design for beginners. He does a good job covering resistance training for newbies and offers great research to go along with it.

I highly recommend this book because it is beginner friendly, yet very well sourced and scientifically accurate.

Click Here to Get ‘Eat Stop Eat’ The New Expanded Version

#3 Leangains by Martin Berkan
Similar to Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon, Martin Berkan’s Leangains is mostly about the benefits of intermittent fasting and the importance of macro nutrients when it comes to fat loss. As everyone awaits the long anticipated release of his book on intermittent fasting, I highly recommend reading his site if you are interested in extremely valuable information when it comes to dieting and exercise. You will also see how consistently he has transformed people into extraordinary condition and kept them that way.

A good place to start would be to read Top Ten Fasting Myths Debunked and then read the other articles under “Most Popular” on the top menu.

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    Yes I agree some weight loss programs are better than others. I have tried several and I am reading burn the fat at the present time I feel that this might is the thing that may work for me.

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