Samsung Chromebox XE300M22-B01US PC Desktop Review

I was excited to purchase this for my elderly mother to save me from having to update her computer and fix problems constantly. The Chromebox started up in 4 seconds, had some difficulty connecting to the ethernet, but then everything ran as expected. As I started to explain to her how everything was laid out, I figured out that with this machine there is no way to install a printer. This was confirmed by Samsung tech support (excellent by the way) who said I could print using another computer with an installed printer and Chrome’s “cloud printing”, or purchase a network printer. There might have been a way to install the printer driver if I was fluent in Linux, but I’m not. None of these options were doable for my mom so I am sending it back.

This device did everything it said it could do, except it did not say it couldn’t print. If you have a home network with multiple computers or a networked printer, then get this machine. The speed and simplicity are incredible. But if it is the only computer in the house, I would avoid it because sooner or later you will need to print something.

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