Livestrong LS Pro2 Treadmill Review

The Livestrong LS Pro2 Treadmill is a great way to make boring treadmill workouts more interesting. This is because it has a feature called passport. The passport feature allows you to display beautiful scenery on your TV as you are running. The scenes are filmed in a way that makes it seem like you are there running. This feature really does make the workouts go by quicker and it really does make you want to run. It does a good job immersing you in the scenery like you’re actually there. The treadmill even makes adjustments up and down as you’re running to simulate the changes in terrain. The video will also adjust to your speed. So if you slow down, it will slow down as well. This feature is even more spectacular if you have a bigger TV.

The treadmill comes with two sceneries and you can even purchase more from the livestrong site.


  • Passport Feature
  • Good Build quality


  • None


The quality of the Livestrong LS Pro2 Treadmill is also very good. It has a firm deck that is not springy. They have aluminum components that get rid of any issues with shaking or vibrating as you run. This gives the treadmill a very solid feel and avoids unnecessary distractions.

The controls are very easy to navigate due to the user friendly design.

Another cool feature is the online workout tracking. You can easily track online from the treadmill and it will help keep you motivate to improve each time.

I would definitely recommend the Livestrong LS Pro2 Treadmill to anyone from beginners to even more serious runners. The passport scenery feature mentioned above really does make this a much better experience. This is a solid treadmill with lots of great features.

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Livestrong LS Pro2 Treadmill Review, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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