How To Stick To A Diet Plan For The Long Term

Learning how to stick to a diet plan can be a tough task. However, it can also be made very easy by taking just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Forget The Strict Diets

The reason many people fail to stick to a diet is because they are following diets that are far too strict on the types of foods allowed. This almost always leads to re-feeding and gaining the weight back.

Why Make Yourself Suffer to Get Results?

There is some psychological aspects that attract people to strict diets. Many people seem to have the notion that if you aren’t suffering, it doesn’t work. For example, there could be an awesome new fad day called the “don’t eat on the weekends diet.” People will think this diet is amazing because of how steadily they are losing weight. In reality, it is only working because there is a big calorie deficit by not eating on the weekends. The same applies with all of these no carb before bed/low carb fad diets. Yes, they will work, but not because carbs are being cut out – they will work because less calories will ultimately be consumed without eating those carbs.

You need to look past the notion that dieting should cause you to suffer, and find a diet that suits some of your personal preferences. In the end, you will see much more long term success.

The best weight loss programs  leave room for you to eat the foods you enjoy the most and  burn the fat at the same time. Following such a program will also be a long term solution to dieting.  Besides, who wants to eat unsalted peanuts and brussel sprouts for the rest of their lives?

Step 2: Get Motivated

Motivation is another key factor in being able to stay on a diet. Without motivation, there is no self control when it comes to following a diet and the result will be eating an excessive amount of calories.

Before going on an eating spree in your pantry, remember why you are on the diet in the first place and think about how much better your life will be when you have reached your goals. Hopefully, you are on a diet that isn’t too strict on the types of foods you can eat so you can still enjoy your food.

Another way to motivate yourself is to keep track of your progress. Nothing is more motivating then actually seeing the results! A good way to keep track of progress is to take a few progress pictures every 2 weeks. After about 4 months of sticking to the diet, you will notice the results by comparing the pictures from where you started to where you’re at.

It is important that you don’t track your progress too often. If you don’t give the diet a fair amount of time to show results, then you will be discouraged and possibly give up.

Step 3: Find A Partner

Sometimes following a diet alongside a friend makes the diet a whole lot easier to stick to. Having a partner who is following the same diet will:

  1. Motivate you.
  2. Bring on a competitive element that well help keep you in line with the diet.
  3. You will be able to help each other out with any tips that make following the diet easier.
  4. Make it more enjoyable.

If you are sticking to the diet for a long period of time and you are asking yourself, why can’t I lose any weight? then you should not give up. It might only take some minor adjustments to get on track.

Make absolutely sure that you are not eating too many calories. Sometimes eating slightly less calories than you had planned for your diet is all it will take for you to start losing the weight.

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