The Truth About How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat For Women

In order to know how to get rid of belly fat for women you have to first understand the truth about losing weight in specific areas of the body.

First of all, there is no such thing as spot reduction. In other words, doing thousands of ab crunches is not going to make you lose more fat in your belly just like doing a  back exercise won’t help you get rid of back fat more easily. If your goal is to lose your belly fat, then you need to lower your overall body fat percentage. As a result of lowering your body fat percentage, you will start to lose the fat on your belly as well as the fat in all other areas of your body.

But I still want to know how to get rid of belly fat! What can I do?
They key for how to get rid of belly fat for women is to lower your body fat percentage is to burn more calories than you are consuming. It is no secret that diet and exercise is the best way to do this! However, there are definitely diets that are better than others as well as exercise programs that are better than others.

What to look for in a diet?
A good diet is one that will not leave you starving or hungry for more, but instead will satisfy your hunger while keeping the calories low. The diets you should stay away from are the ones that leave you hungry and wanting to pig out! Even if you think you are disciplined enough to follow such as diet, AND you have lost all of the extra weight you have been wanting to lose, you will most likely eventually cave and enter a period of re-feeding. This will result in all of the weight gained back! All of your hard work and progress will be gone and you will be back to square one. This is the most common problem people have with dieting. The key is to find a diet where you enjoy the food and look forward to the meals. This way you can follow it for the long term and reach your fat loss goals without ever looking back.

So here is the basic criteria we have for a good diet:

  • I enjoy the food
  • I don’t feel the need to make constant trips to the pantry to see what I can pig out on
  • The calories are low enough that I am losing the extra fat
  • Once I’ve reached my fat loss goals on this diet, I can continue good eating habits which don’t lead to excessive calorie intake.

What are the best exercises for women?

how to get rid of belly fat for womenBelieve it or not, the best exercises for men are also the best exercises for women.The overall consensus from the top fitness coaches in the world is that the fundamentals of training are the same for men and women.  Yes I know, I’ve heard it all. “Weights are too scary!” “Only men are supposed to lift weights!” “I don’t want to look like a man!” “I don’t want huge bulky muscles like those female bodybuilders!” And who can blame you? The way the fitness industry has directed women to the Jazzercise room while only the men are supposed to hit the weights was almost completely unavoidable. Only recently have “health gurus” and experts insist that hitting the iron is the way to go. And fortunately, women are gradually starting to learn to hit the squat rack and the rest of the weight room instead of the elliptical for a good workout.

The truth is that women can never get “too bulky” naturally. This is because they lack the testosterone to gain any significant amount of muscle mass. Even men who want to gain muscle must eat the same amount of calories it takes to feed a family of five!

Following good weight training program will give your body the healthy, toned, sexy look as opposed to skinny/fat flab. Additionally, weight training will help you burn more calories when you are just relaxing for the day! This is because muscle requires more calories to sustain. For every 3 lbs of muscle mass, the body burns 120 calories to keep the muscle. Over the span of a year, you will have kept off 10lbs of fat.  With this significant advantage in mind, you can say bye bye to that belly fat for good!

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