ASUS N550JV-DB71 PC Laptop Review

As being a clarification:

I purchased this laptop computer from HIDevolution, that offers notebook modification. I wanted a faster hard-drive with more space, a second flashdrive with flash memory in place of the optical drive, and the Windows 7 OS in place of Windows 8, even though the laptop as it is configured here is decent enough to warrent 4 stars. satisfaction and performance.

The DB71 or the DB72:

Here is the N550JV-DB71, to not be mistaken for the N550JV-DB72. The 71 differs from the 72 for the reason that the 72 will be the subsequent design. The 71 is not a touch screen laptop while the 72 is. That’s the main difference. The 71 has a matte screen that reduces glare while the touch screen on the 72 is highly reflective, as a result. All of those other capabilities here are mostly the identical.

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