Acer Aspire V5-552P-X440 PC Laptop Review

This laptop computer isn’t terrible in any way for your value. I got this for school use and will also do this reasonably properly as a result of how slim and lightweight it really is. I had been astonished it even experienced a glow key-board even though getting so lean. The touchscreen display couldn’t be much better, it’s substance and receptive. Before I get into that I’ll say that my main computer before this was a custom built desktop with a AMD FX-4100 unlocked processor and an AMD Radeon HD 7770 as well as 8GB of RAM, as for the GPU and CPU. The processor chip is clocked to 4.2GHz, but for some reason, I favor this laptop’s AMD A10 Processor on the FX-4100. The two work a similar House windows 8 Operating system, however, copying 12GB of web data in the laptop computer required about a few minutes, when carrying out a similar in the desktop computer required over a second time that sum. There are numerous much more conditions where A10 separated itself from an overclocked FX scratch. The A10 also has a internal GPU, being a contender to Intel’s High-definition Images 4000, and I have to admit, AMD has received this rivalry. The images surpasses the visuals in my year-old Dell XPS L502X, which is actually a huge large notebook computer and was designed for efficiency, it was included with an i7 as well as a Nvidia GeForce 525M. Other games like Just Cause 2 and even Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 will be PLAYABLE at the highest possible settings, though some games like Syndicate do lag a lot even on lowest settings.

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